Mystery Science Theater 3000 Reconstruction Project
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Info: I have been putting together Gypsy, and Servo, while getting a Crow from Joe Crow.

1/29/01 New Short added to planned MSTies

1/27/01 CROW PIC UP!

1/23/01 Added Pic of Gypsy, with hinged jaw

1/13/01 Added Guestbook at the bottom of the page, and added MiSTied cover for Sinbad(click on original cover to see it)

1/11/01 Open The Page

Movies we plan to MiSTy

Short: Barr Films Presents: Drafting, Shape Description

7th Voyage of Sinbad
See The MiSTied Cover

Plague of the Zombies


The Last Dinosaur

Alligator 2: The Mutations

Rasputin the Mad Monk

House of Dracula

Godzilla vrs. Mechagodzilla(Maybe)

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